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Living in the Unlimited Universe

by Ivan G. Burnell
Living in the Unlimited Universe

Certain people seem to find a path through life while others struggle. We are all searchers, but some of us have lost the trail and are caught in a dense thicket, uncertain of the way. How do we find that ridge trail where we are high enough to see clearly the path we have been traveling and where we are going, to see the forks in the trail before us, and learn to plan wisely? How can we gain that exhilaration of being on top of the world, at the top of our form, to be doing exactly what we want and living without anger, fear, or regrets? What if we are carrying a huge weight on our backs from some injury or suffering inflicted on us? How can we regain that light, confident step and inner grace that makes our journey a joyful experience?

A searcher must ask these sorts of questions and learn to be skeptical of false or incomplete answers. Ivan Burnell is like a mountain guide, familiar with the terrain, trails and highlights of the area. He can advise us what equipment and supplies we might need. However, each person's journey is his or her own. In this book, he invites us to explore, plan, and set off together with the best start possible. He shows us the way out of the brambles and onto the ridge trail. He helps us lighten our load and prepare for what lies ahead. Most importantly of all, he helps us open up our minds to a true vision of the universe and to cast off crippling constraints we have acquired.

Only recent generations have seen the scientific evidence that the universe spreads out to infinity, straining the limits of our comprehension. In the same way, even the most confined space or experience is also still a microcosm of the infinite, endless in detail and possibility. Traditional beliefs have not incorporated this new vision of the unlimited universe, but it is essential to our understanding of our true place in the scheme of things. Unless we know where we are and who we are, we can not guess how to go forward.

Ivan Burnell brings us to the fullness of the beauty within others and ourselves, and the possibility of enjoying the splendors of our journey through the unlimited universe.

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$15.95 / paperback / 226 pages / 6 in. (w) by 9 in. (h)
Beech River Books / 2009 / ISBN 978-0-9793778-7-7

Ivan Burnell has been inspiring people to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible for the last thirty years. He has compiled his experiences into a set of courses called the YES program that has helped thousands of people around the world make their lives happier and more fulfilled. His web page is


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