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Pigs ina Poke™    Collection #1

by D. A. Hammond, with satirical prose by Lawrence K. DeLamarter and Bradley Marion
Pigs ina Poke, Collection #1

This is a wonderful collection of satirical and whimsical pigs in artwork created since 2003 by D. A. Hammond.

Pigs are like people. People like pigs. People can be like pigs. Pigs like people, sometimes. Sometimes people and pigs just poke fun at each other. The soft pastels of D. A. Hammond are vibrant, rich and colorful. The same can be said about his sense of humor, if one wishes to be kind. Here are some excerpts from the extensive commentary and critical acclaim that Pigs ina Poke™ has received from noteworthy sources around the world:

The use of earthy tones is mixed with an eclectic palette of bright primary colors in a way that reminds us of the Early Masters and the famous paintings that Neanderthal Swine scratched on the floors of the caves in southern France. The primal quality calls forth our primitive instincts while the sublime lifts us out of our daily mire so that, in mirth, we may commune with the angels..

—Sir Charles Swineburne, Pigtoria & Albert Museum, London

Once a ham, always a ham...

—B. Aiken, STY Magazine, Des Moines

Rib shaking, snout snorting...It'll have you rolling on the floor...

—Pig Talk Radio

From Loudon to Daytona, from Austin to Sturgis, HOG enthusiasts are revving their engines in one loud salute to D. A. Hammond...


A certain eloquence of manner is required when delivering the punch line: a dead pan gaze, an attitude of indifference to the world's opinion, a feigned accent that shows one belongs to a different breed...and Hammond's quips fly to the mark...


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$21.00 / paperback / 124 pages, with 51 color illustrations /
Beech River Books / 2006 / ISBN 0-9776514-6-0

D. A. Hammond is a former graphic designer and art director who lives in Alton, N.H. Since 2003 he has concentrated his artistic efforts in creating a series of fine art works in colorful pastels of whimsical and satirical pigs. His second volume, Pigs ina Poke™ Collection #2, appeared in 2010.


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