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The Loggers of Warner

by Roy Morrison
The Loggers of Warner

The Loggers of Warner is a book-length narrative poem inspired by life in Warner, N.H. It brings the hardscrabble culture of northern New England alive in pithy, unromanticized lines. Morrison's portraits of the people and their times transcend geographical boundaries. The Loggers of Warner serves as a broad metaphor for life at the edge of our modern world, where stony soil and a global civilization commingle:
  " The logger's / dance is not just with / metal and wood but / between industry and country / between landscape and deathscape / between living earth renewing and / all the sad, hard dying."

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$9.95 / paperback / 96 pages /
Glad Day Books Books / 1999 /
ISBN 10: 0-9658903-1-7
ISBN 978-0-9658903-1-1

Roy Morrison is an energy consultant, writer and cooperative organizer. He is involved in pioneering work in developing wind hedges and was a former leader of the Clamshell Alliance that used non-violent action to oppose the construction of the Seabrook nuclear power plant. His web page is


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