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Mark Okrant

Mark Okrant

Mark Okrant is a professor at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. He has been an active tourism researcher since the mid-1970s, having plied his trade in South Dakota, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, Canada and Romania. Mark is past president of the prestigious Travel and Tourism Research Association. He is the author of the mystery Judsonís Island and Sleeping Alongside the Road (recollections by patrons and owners of motels), and two other Kary Turnell mysteries: I Knew You When and An Icy Reception.

A Last Resort (Beech River Books, 2010) is a Kary Turnell mystery set in one of New England's finest grand resort hotels. To lend authenticity, the author spent two years interviewing the staff and examining every nook and cranny of the resort to ferret out likely crime scenes, such as secret passageways, hidden corridors, and out-of-the-way service elevators.

A love-starved middle-aged housewife, a novelist suffering from prolonged writer's cramp, and the general manager of a resort hotel find their lives inextricably intertwined. When Edna Connor fails to show up for meals at the beautiful Balsams grand resort hotel, general manager Warn Barson fears the worst. Not wanting to alarm the other guests or risk bad publicity that would spell almost certain ruin for the hotel, he enlists the aid of his old friend, professor-turned-novelist Kary Turnell, whose inability to shake a well-established reputation as a one-hit wonder has him taking refuge at the resort. Kary tries to put his own problems on hold as he works against time to unravel the mystery of Edna's disappearance.

An Icy Reception (Beech River Books, 2010) is a Kary Turnell mystery. Professor and former crime reporter, Kary Turnell, sets sail on an Arctic adventure cruise aboard the MS Explorer. While the passengers are preoccupied with the shimmering spectacle of the Northern Lights and daunting vistas of Baffin Island, one individual seizes the opportunity for murder. The clues are few and the trail is rapidly growing cold as Kary and a hastily assembled team of volunteer investigators tries to reveal who pushed a guest into the frigid water below. Can Kary solve another resort caper before the floating crime scene docks at the next port, while attempting to regain the trust of a daughter who seems determined to make him pay for past mistakes?


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